Existential Questions

Our today’s conversation in the car. Anna after seeing dead animal on the side:

– What happened?

– Some car had to hit it…

– Is it sleeping?

– No

– Is it dead?

– Yes

– Does it need some sun and water? (our last discussion was about flowers)

– No

– How can you make it not dead?

– You can’t

– Would band-aid help?

– No

– Would band-aid, cream and some water help?

– No, you can’t do anything… not if something is dead.

– Oh……

After that she kept talking about something else… but I couldn’t stop thinking how fast she’s growing up.


Oh, those feet!

Anna asked me to unwrap a piece of candy for her… I did, but when she handed me the wrapper, I said: “I’m not a garbage bin. Please, throw away the wrapper.” To which Anna replied: BUT my feet keep going the WRONG direction! See… and she proceeded going the wrong way….

Good thing that “the feet” figured out quickly how to find the right way… towards the trash 😉


So, I’m trying to encourage Maya to say mama… I know she can make the “ma” sound! But she continues making all sorts of sounds and seems like she’s saying dada, baba and definitely ania…

Today, in the car, she kept saying: mamamamamamamamamamama, so I turn to her and say: Great! you said mama. Say: mama, ma ma, ma ma….

She looks at me… thinks for a second and says: ba ba ba ba ba 😉