Dreaming about Christmas

Anna has been talking about Christmas a lot lately. One day she woke up:

– Mama, Mama!! I dream Christmas and I saw Santa and he came down the chimney and he dropped his clothes! And then I took them and they were my size! I put them on… I had to put pillow for a belly… and I was a Santa!

– He dropped his clothes… huh… Did he had any clothes on??

-Yes (confused look on Anna’s face) and mama, can we have cookie and milk for Santa.

– Of course, you can.

-What’s his favorite color? Does he like chocolate milk? Can I leave him a yellow straw in milk??

…………. ๐Ÿ˜‰ love kids and their imagination ๐Ÿ˜‰


Learning Polish

This post is needs to be in two languages.

We encourage Anna to speak Polish only at home. She understands a lot… but she’s not so eager to respond in Polish.

Preparing breakfast:

Anna: I want to do itย myself…. Ja chce sama. Mama, ja mowic po polsku: okno, dom, drzewo, drzwi, dom, mamusiu, tatusiu, babciu… widzisz??ย 

Great… but it would be even better if you could put it in the sentence… not just random words…


We have a gate upstairs to make sure Maya doesn’t come downstairs by herself. She’s too often too confident in her abilities… Anna knows how to open and close the gate. One day after the two of them were playing upstairs, Anna went down the stairs leaving Maya upstairs and forgot to close the gate.

Iza: ย Anna, you cannot forget about closing the gate when Maya is upstairs by herself. She doesn’t know how to get downstairs safely.

Anna: Well, She has to learn!

Yeah… but falling down the stairs may not be the best way… ๐Ÿ™‚