No TV?

Anna likes to watch TV. I don’t feel it’s a lot, but she enjoys occasional TV marathons… She definitely prefers and enjoys physical activities, so I’m not restricting TV too much. It’s just not excessive

After bath

Iza: What do you want to do now? do you want to play? do you want to watch something?

Anna: I don’t want to watch TV. I want to play first and then I want you to read me a book

NOT A PROBLEM! Hope it stays that way until she’s… like 78 😉


So, I have not been posting too much lately, but I can assure you, they both are fun to be around. It’s amazing how much they change and how quickly they grow up.

Maya is definitely speaking more… those are still single words and most of them in English. New words: empty, please, thank you, car, sleep, sit, sing… and some other ones that sound like words, but I’m not sure if that’s what she wants to say or if it’s just an accident  😉