Maya and Bedtime

Maya comes up with more and more creative ways of getting our attention after the lights are out.

We all know the famous: MAAAAAAMAAAAAA or TAAAAATAAAA at the top of her lungs.

But two nights in a row she’s trying (I think) undress…. Yesterday she pulled her pajama top over her head, so she had naked belly and chest… but arms were still in the sleeves. Today, she pulled her whole arm inside her one piece pajama, so only her fingers were sticking above the neckline… what’s next?

Spring?? Where are you?

Looks like everybody around here is waiting for Spring to come…. Today, is the second day of Spring and it’s snowing. Anna and I in the car on our way to school:

Iza: Ania, look it’s snowing… and it’s Spring.

Anna: Snow in Spring??!! It’s soooo silly!

A: (looking at frozen pond) Mama! Look at the water! It’s frozen and there’s snow on it! It’s soooo confusing!


Anna and my mom on their way home from school

Anna: I’m in school every day…

Babcia: and you’ll be in school for a long time… and then you’ll go to work… and then you’ll be a grandma- just like me.

Anna: NO! I’ll be mommy first!