On our way home, I talked to Maya about upcoming trip to Poland. She is not into riding in strollers, so we were debating if we should even take one with us.
Iza: Maya, do you want us to take stroller or will you walk on your feet?
Maya: feet…. and shoes


Oh, We Forgot

Girls were playing outside and drew with a chalk on a deck. They started with grass, then sky and clouds, then Mazzie, then Tata… I heard them giggling “Tata’s head is touching clouds”
Then they drew themselves
– where’s mama? I asked after a while
Anna: oh, we forgot

Anna & Maya


I had severe stomach pain and we couldn’t go to previously planned play date.
Anna: it’s okay mama. It’s really okay. Do you need a pillow or a blanket?
I said I’ll take some medicine to which she replied
– Tell me where and I’ll get it. Is it too hard for me?

Throughout the day, she’s been coming over to check up on me asking if I need a hug.



We started to allow the girls to have sleepovers with each others. They would pick a bedroom and would sleep together in one bed. Problem is that Maya likes to stay up late…. so, Anna falls asleep quickly and then Maya needs a minute to settle down before falling asleep.

Anna & Maya