What did you have?

Anna and I talked a little before she went to sleep
– Mama, did you have internet when you were little?
– No
– What did you have?
– Toys, books, etc 
– How did you make food? Did you have fire?
– Um, yes… I had the same things in the kitchen as you do
– So, did you have a refrigerator? Oven?
….. You can imagine the rest of the conversation….

I just worry…

On our way to school Anna had a little dilemma
– Mom, can I have a parrot pet?
– Sure, when you have your own house.
– What if there are not enough houses when I’m 18?
-They’ll be enough houses, don’t worry.
– How do I get a house?
– You can buy it or rent it
– I need a job, but I don’t know who I want to be?
– That’s okay. You still have time.
– But before I can get a job, I need to learn how to drive!
-You will, in high school you’ll learn how to drive.
– And, mama? I’m not sure if I want babies…
After few minutes of being quiet
-I just worry that I won’t be able to find the right house..


Ania in the morning played Sims on her tablet and tried to convince us how much she NEEDS some money as she wants to build daddy a house. When we refused to spend actual money on her fake money, she tried to explain how much she has and how much she needs to finish the house. We still refused. Anna frustrated (not happy about it) left the room stomping and almost crying…
Maya (who was watching TV in our bed and witnessed everything) said: I’m going to say “sorry” for Ania.