My “Other-Mother”

Monika (Maya’s godmother) called and I talked to her few minutes on the phone via speakers in my car. After I hang up the phone, Maya asked who that was. I said it was “ciocia” (aunt) Monika and reminded she’s Szymon and Natalia’s mom.

Maya: Oh, my other-mother!

I corrected her saying it was her GODmother.

Maya: So, Jesus chose her?

Age is just a number

In the evening, Anna and Maya played school. Later Maya asked me:

Maya: Mama, when Ania is as big as you or 100 years old like tata, will she be my teacher?

Iza: You think tata is 100 years old?

Maya: Yes

Iza: What about mama?

Maya showed four fingers laughing. Then she asked me how old am I. When I told her 35, she responded with “Wow, that’s a lot”

It’s not me…

Maya was talking and walking around in the church during a mass even though she was warned several times.

After church we talked about how inappropriate and unacceptable that was.

Maya (leaned forward me explaining with her hands): “Mama, accidentally my mouth and my legs did that!”


Anna was upset after Mikolaj yelled at her for not following safety rules. She stormed into the house then, after few minutes, left the house and sat underneath a tree in front of the house. She said that if he wants to know why she’s sitting there, he needs to go to her room and read the note.

Mikolaj checked the note. It read: “Leaving, Bye.”


When Maya’s tablet doesn’t work, regardless of the problem, she says it doesn’t have baternet (combination of two words: battery and internet).