Wonderful Girl

Maya was whining and complaining about something really trivial.

Iza: Maya, you’re a silly goose.

Maya: no, I’m not!

Iza: who are you, then?

Maya: I’m a wonderful girl.

Hide and Seek

Driving to preschool in the morning with Maya. So, we are in the car and she says:

– Mama, Let’s play hide and seek. You count, I hide

LOL! So, I counted, she ducked behind my seat, so I couldn’t see her in the mirror. Then she counted and I was supposed to hide… when she was done counting she shouted: I found you!


Anna used to like My Little Ponies. She used to play with them and watch them all the time. Recently, she’s not been interested in them as much (to Maya’s disappointment) Today Anna called My Little Ponies “uncuteable”