Anna called me into her room early in the morning. I saw her on her bed curled up under a pillow.

Anna: Can you fix my blanket?

… so you pulled your pillow from underneath your head and covered yourself with it, but you couldn’t pull up the blanket over yourself???

Oh shucks…

Road trip to Traverse City

Anna: I need to go potty!

Mikolaj: You just went potty few minutes ago (we stopped at a gas station less than 5 minutes prior)

Iza: You need to hold it for a little (until we could get to a rest area or another exit)

Anna: Oh shucks, now we have to go to somebody’s house…

Running with kids

One day we decided to take both kids for a run. We put them in separate strollers. Mikolaj was running and pushing Anna. I was running with Maya.

Anna: RUN, tata, Run!!!

Mikolaj: I’m tired. I need to walk for a minute.

Anna (seeing that me and Maya are ahead of them): Do you want to win or loose!!??

Mikolaj: Loose

Anna: Well, I WANT to win!! Run, Tata, RUN FASTER!

Meanwhile Maya kept her quiet and steady: “Go! Go!” or just “Faster!”