My “Other-Mother”

Monika (Maya’s godmother) called and I talked to her few minutes on the phone via speakers in my car. After I hang up the phone, Maya asked who that was. I said it was “ciocia” (aunt) Monika and reminded she’s Szymon and Natalia’s mom.

Maya: Oh, my other-mother!

I corrected her saying it was her GODmother.

Maya: So, Jesus chose her?


Hide and Seek

Driving to preschool in the morning with Maya. So, we are in the car and she says:
– Mama, Let’s play hide and seek. You count, I hide
LOL! So, I counted, she ducked behind my seat, so I couldn’t see her in the mirror. Then she counted and I was supposed to hide… when she was done counting she shouted: I found you!

Letting go…

Today, Anna let go of some of her toys… We moved her Barbie house to their play area in the  basement. She also took some toys and donated for other kids.

This is a kid that had a fit when we changed something (anything) in her room. I think that means she’s growing up… bitter sweet.