Letting go…

Today, Anna let go of some of her toys… We moved her Barbie house to their play area in the  basement. She also took some toys and donated for other kids.

This is a kid that had a fit when we changed something (anything) in her room. I think that means she’s growing up… bitter sweet.

Too much…

I asked Maya to bring dog’s chewing stick for Mazzie. She chose to bring a whole bag, so I asked her to give Mazzie one stick and take the bag back…

Well, taking the bag back was too much… She kept repeating in a very whiny voice how her feet hurt and how her hands hurt and how the bag is just too heavy….


Maya had a tantrum (tears and all- very dramatic) because Anna helped her with writing her name…

Ania wrote Maya’s name as asked… But it wasn’t what she wanted. Maya called it scribbles because it was written with capital and small letters… And she wanted all capital letters!

What did you have?

Anna and I talked a little before she went to sleep
– Mama, did you have internet when you were little?
– No
– What did you have?
– Toys, books, etc 
– How did you make food? Did you have fire?
– Um, yes… I had the same things in the kitchen as you do
– So, did you have a refrigerator? Oven?
….. You can imagine the rest of the conversation….