My “Other-Mother”

Monika (Maya’s godmother) called and I talked to her few minutes on the phone via speakers in my car. After I hang up the phone, Maya asked who that was. I said it was “ciocia” (aunt) Monika and reminded she’s Szymon and Natalia’s mom.

Maya: Oh, my other-mother!

I corrected her saying it was her GODmother.

Maya: So, Jesus chose her?


Hide and Seek

Driving to preschool in the morning with Maya. So, we are in the car and she says:
– Mama, Let’s play hide and seek. You count, I hide
LOL! So, I counted, she ducked behind my seat, so I couldn’t see her in the mirror. Then she counted and I was supposed to hide… when she was done counting she shouted: I found you!